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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Apple tree update

So I am sure you remember the little apple tree my son started from a seed back in 2012 right?  Well 3 years later it's still growing. 
A small picture I know but here he is 3 years after starting from seed. Branching out and looking good. He is still in NY but thanks to Mom and a bit of luck will be cared for by Mom at her place till we have a place in PA to plant him for good. Then again he may just stay at my Moms. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Spider plants

Did you know that spider plant babies root in water?
They do. This is a picture of a baby spider plant that is rooting in water that is also creating babies. This is their flower. 

How do you root them?  Well let me show you. 
Here is the mom. Simply pluck a hanging baby off the yellowish stems that grow. If you can find one with these
Greenish brown nubs it's best. Those dark nubs are air roots. This baby has begun to grow its white water roots. Which is the next step. Put the air roots in water for a few weeks (sometimes even days) and watch the magic happen. 

One the water or white roots form and there are at least 6 of them each 1-2 inches long it's safe to any into a pot. 

Use fresh soil and a pot that is at LEAST twice the size of the baby. (They grow lots of roots and fast) keep the soil moist till the new roots take hold then water weekly. 

They love the out doors but hate winter so bring them in long before the first frost. 

I have lots of babies if you want to try to grow one your self or go to your local nursery and start your own collection. 


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