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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thriving KinderGARDEN Thursday - Week 11 up close

Thursday again time to show off what's Thriving in my gardens today but also the day that I participate in KinderGARDENS over at The Inavertent Farmer.  Today the posts are combined.  Mainly because the Thriving plants are the kids plants.  So if you are participating in KinderGARDENS welcome to Irish Gardens.  If you are here for Thriving Thursday I also wish you a big hardy welcome.

The assignment for this week was up close.  Using Macro.  Well man did I have fun with this.
Aiden's first Cucumber is just about ready to pick.

 A Macro shot of the tendril's from Aiden's Cucumber plant.  So cool looking
 Aiden's Eggplant.  Getting big and looking great.  Thriving in the Greenhouse.
Aiden guy picked me a flower and put it in a cup of water.  I thought he picked if for himself until he told me it was for me as I was taking this picture.

 The little curly guy in the middle is Shannon's first cucumber.
A cute curly tendril from Shannon's plant.
 Shannon's eggplant is Thriving and growing away in the greenhouse.
Frogger here was caught by Shannon and as I didn't want her to keep it I said she could let him go in the Greenhouse along with 2 other frogs that have made it a home.  Frogger just loved the Basil.  He was still on it this Morning.

Thanks for taking the tour today and I hope you come back.  If you want to participate in Thriving Thursday add a link to your post below.  If you have come for KinderGARDENS glad you came, either way be sure to head over to The Inadertent Farmer and see what others have posted.


  1. Great frog and tendril shots!
    My cukes haven't even flowered yet...
    Enjoy those cucumbers and eggplant!

  2. Love how you have the "big" picture to go along with many of the macro photos. Too sweet that Aiden picked you a flower, the ones that arrive clasped in grimy hands are always the most beautiful ones. :)

  3. oh, i love the tendrils! and what a sweet gift - those flowers are the best. :)

  4. Beautiful! Love that you gave Frogger a home.

  5. I love little boys who give flowers! Those tendrils are stunning and the frog is just darling! Great post...oh and curvy cukes rock! Kim

  6. I like the tendrils and the frog too!

  7. Great capture on the frog, I love those little guys! I am encouraged by your eggplants thriving :) Love the tendril pics, too!

  8. I love frogs too! Love the photos of the curly tendrils too. Looks like it's growing great!

  9. I love the frog picture. We have recently had a few frogs at our house and my girls just love them!


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