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Monday, August 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - August 2011

Welcome one and all to Irish Gardens on this rainy Bloom Day.  Well at least it's raining here.  It has been raining for the last 3 days.  I know we needed the rain but we need sun too.  It seems we are getting a lot of extremes this year....heat or rain, sun or shade.  So on to the bloom day pictures which surprisingly there is a lot of for a rainy day.
 Rose of Sharon still showing off it's double purple blooms
 Pumpkins are still flowering like crazy...still only one pumpkin so far though
 Beef-master Tomato plants are still flowering up a storm.
 Cucumbers too....lots of yellow orange over by the greenhouse
Even the Watermelons are still flowering still no melons yet though
 Only 1 eggplant harvested as of yet but lots of pretty purple flowers still popping up all over.
 Echinacea is still showing off her pretty purple flowers
 The pretty and delicate marshmallow flowers are still busy opening up.
 Finally some green beans are finally flowering
 A wild flower that was finally identified as Asiatic Day flower a local wild herb.  How cool.  Another herb to add to my collection.
 Blush Satin Rose of Sharon showing off it's beauty as well.
 Finally morning glories are beginning to open
 My new favorite morning glory is this beautiful variegated leaf
 Another beauty is showing off this Bloom Day.
 Poor hydrangea bush is falling over because it is heavy with rain.
 Hibiscus is looking down this morning also heavy with rain.
 Another Rose of Sharon that is showing off it's beauty.
And finally to end my blooming show is this pretty lady the Mandevilla vine...

Let me know what you think.  Head over to Carol's garden and see who else has posted about what is Blooming in their Garden....Gardens all around the world participate.


  1. Lots of pretty blooms going on for you and how nice to have that much rain.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Your rain splashed blooms are great. You seem to have loads of flowers on your herbs and vegies. Hopefully there will be lots of pumpkins and watermelons soon. Your Morning Glories are beautiful and I love that little Wildflower.

  3. Very pretty flowers for Bloom Day. I'm glad you posted photos of the Rose of Sharon. Mine are still twigs, well bigger twigs than they were last year!
    I hope they grow up to be as pretty as yours.

  4. Lovely blooms...and I love the veggies! Happy GBBD!

  5. Beautiful photos! I also have several squash blooms, but only one squash so far!

  6. You're going to need help at harvest time! Lovely to see all the flowers dong so well despite the rain.

  7. Hope you had a great GBBD. Your yellows are beautiful.

  8. Lovely photos...I've never seen a variegated Morning Glory before...how cool!

  9. Lovely flowers. Your garden looks refreshing with all those beautiful flowers and despite the rains on your area. Hope I can have a garden just like yours. congratulations.

  10. Such a beautiful collection of flowers! I'm so jealous that you have a little piece of heaven there!


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