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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on a Thriving Thursday

Welcome one and all to a very special Thriving Thursday.  Ok so each one is special in it's own way but it sounded good.  This Thriving Thursday is also on the 15th which to many Garden Bloggers is known as Bloom Day.  Carol over at May Dreams Gardens hosts this beautiful event every month.  So after this be sure to stop over there and see what else is blooming around the Blogospere.   So now it's on to my blooming beauties this month.
 Having fun with my flowers I took a bloom off of every currently blooming Rose of Sharon bush and placed them on the table for this picture.  Apparently I have 7 different varieties of Rose of Sharon.  How cool is that.
 In honor of the Thriving Thursday portion of the post here is my Sweet Mint showing off it's pretty little flowers
 Some Saliva flowing away.
 Another variety of Saliva blooming a pretty blue.
A Rose still blooming away small and colorful
 Not the best picture in the world but a shot of my flowering Morning Glories.
 Another Rose covered in dew showing off this morning.
 My favorite Rose bush even decided to play nice this morning even with dew on the petals.
Another not so good picture but it shows one of my gardens full of color....mostly orange but still pretty non the less.

So that's my tour of the gardens and what is blooming this GBBD so what do you have blooming?  Thanks again to Carol for hosting this colorful and fun event each month.  Head over to May Dreams Gardens and see for yourself how pretty it is.


  1. You have a lot still blooming. Everything is lovely especially the Roses.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. The roses are amazing! Just beautiful!

  3. OMG...I love all those Rose of Sharon blooms....so cool!


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