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Friday, October 28, 2011

The end has come..........

.........for this years outdoor gardening season.  Last night it snowed a little....not enough to stick.  But the current temp outside is 29.  Coooolllllddddd.  Ok so it does get colder than that at times. Anyways I may  not like the cold a lot but I do love the pictures that it produces.
 Just look at my poor parsley.  It looks so sad when it is heavy with frost....but the outlining of the leaves looks pretty neat.
 An oldie but a goody is the water in a bucket that has frozen over.  I just love how cool it looks.
 Of all the different things I looked at today this has to be my favorite.  This is chocolate mint next to my strawberries.  Although the strawberry leaves are also outlined I just love the way the mint looks.  Almost fake it's so perfectly outlined.
 The Greenhouse has a new shade today....frost.  This is taken from inside the greenhouse but the frost is on the outside.  I thought it looked cool.
 Because it's the simple things in life that are important here is a simple picture that many would not have taken or even realized.  Grass.  Yup plain old grass frozen and looking much more like a spider plant than green grass with all the frost.
 Because I love taking frost pictures (can you tell) a Rose of Sharon seed pod covered in frost.
My poor silly marigolds that are still trying their best to grow may have finally met their end.  But what a picture they are.  The leaves look so incredibly delicate covered or outlined in frost.

What do you enjoy most about a winter garden?

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