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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall what a strange season

 Usually thought of as the season where the leaves change color and fall, pumpkins are everywhere and the world begins it's transition to dormancy.  Then you look at young flowering dogwood tree's and see what looks a lot like new growth.  Hardly a good time to start developing leaves now but yet there it is.
 The Lilac bush is also showing signs of growth.  In spring this sight was all over the bush and soon turned to branches and leaves.  Now it's showing up as the leaves are falling off.
 Then the typical colors of falling leaves escape this beauty.  White and green are not normal colors at least in fall for me they aren't usually fall colors are red, yellow, orange, and brown.  But this one wanted to be different.  Even against the green grass is stands out.
Then you have these silly snapdragons.  They have been blooming since July and now have new growth with new blooms on them.  Granted I have never grown snapdragons before so this could be normal.

This season is very different this year.  I still have herbs growing well and beans on the vine.  Then there are the flowers.

Fall really can be a strange season.  But beautiful in it's own way.


  1. It's been the strangest weather this year than I ever remember, but atleast I have buds for next year. I was worried they would all burn up.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. So true...it's always amusing to see the buds for next years growth already. As for the snapdragons, I remember there were years when, if it was mild, they would bloom until Christmas!


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