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Saturday, October 15, 2011

GBBD - October 2011

 Welcome one and all to another month where here at Irish Gardens there is still blooms.  I can't believe it.  I thought for sure that I wouldn't have any.

But alas I do.  So joining Carol over at May Dreams Gardens for another exciting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post my first bloom is one of my Hydrangea bushes.
 And of course the Marigolds are still in bloom.  I chose this picture because I loved the contrast.  First of the Marigold's them self with the red, yellow, and green but also because of how much they stand out against the signs of fall.
 A few Roses are still trying to make known that it isn't yet winter
 A pretty sight this morning was that my Basil is flowering.  I usually never get to see this as I harvest the basil often and it never gets to this stage.  But with all the rain lately it has been hard to get out to the garden to harvest.
 Another herb that is showing of some color is this Pineapple Sage.  Can't wait till it opens up.
And this stunning beauty is all alone on the fence.  A deer problem this year as well as wacky weather has kept my Morning Glory blooms at bay.  With barely any leaves left this guy stands out like a beacon.

So what do you have blooming this windy fall day?  Head over to Carol's and see what others around the world are blogging about.


  1. I love to see the herbs flower. They have such delicate blooms. Pineapple sage looks like it will be pretty with the color that is showing.

  2. Herb flowers are just so lovely. They deserve time in the spotlight as well. Love your yellow Rose and those Marigolds are gorgeous.

  3. My marigolds are still blooming also... This time of the year makes me wish that I would have planted more annuals--their color and long blooming season are nice in the fall. I saw your prior post about dealing with the deer. I've been in a continual gardening battle with them for years--I feel your pain!! Happy GBBD!

  4. How encouraging to see the blooms. There's hope for our fall produce still!

  5. Lovely post...don't you just love Morning Glories...there is barely a prettier flowering vine anywhere!


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