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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow in the garden

Hello there everyone it's Melody Bluebell here with an important announcement - It's snowing at Irish Gardens.   Yup thats right folks it's snowing in October. The Garden Lady was outside today getting ready for this snow to hit.
Garden Lady and Aiden Guy were out saving the peppers as the plants were hit with frost but the peppers were still good.  Look how cute that little guy looks trying to concentrate on cutting the peppers and only the peppers.
Rosa Rusty was seen at the local feeding spot eating just as the snow started.
Then a half hour later she is seen with friends but look at the tree's behind them. Just over 30 min after the snow started the tree's are covered.
Soon after I saw Rosa I saw Garden Lady headed outside to get the mail and saw that now even the roads were covered.
So then as I was enjoying the view of snow while trying hard not to fall off my branch....it was getting heavy with snow the Garden Lady came out and measured the snow.  Although I don't have a watch I am pretty good at telling time and the snow started around 12:30 and when she went out to measure it was 3:00 and it looks like she measured nearly 2.5inches of snow.    Well I am sure that there is a lot more going on around the Gardens so I am going to go and find out what.  I will be sure to post again with more pictures of my fellow friends.

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